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Weight gain: what it depends on and what to do when it is sudden

girl on scales

Weight gain is a very common problem and it can depend on various factors that don’t always have to do with how much you eat. Let’s find out the most important and how to act.

When you are faced with weight gain, the first thing to do is always to ask yourself why in order to recognize the causes . Only in this way will it be possible to hope to even get to shed the extra pounds.
If in most cases, weight gain is linked to a consumption of calories much higher than those consumed, there are cases in which the causes are of different types. Causes that it is always good to investigate.

Weight gain: causes to know

As already mentioned, weight gain usually occurs when there is an intake of calories greater than what the body needs to live and perform all its functions.

girl on scales
girl on scales

However, some people may experience sudden and seemingly unnecessary weight gain.
In this case, before getting alarmed, it is good to try to understand what has been done in the previous days. If you have a habit of weighing yourself every day, for example, weight gain may be normal.

This may in fact depend on ovulation , constipation, the arrival of the period (which can lead to two or three extra pounds due to retention) or a large dinner that can cause an increase in fluids in the body.
In these cases, within a few days you will return to the previous weight since in reality, only the excess fluids weighed. A sudden weight gain, however, can also indicate pathologies, which is why it is always good to go to your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Sudden weight gain: the less common causes

Sometimes, it can happen that you are faced with sudden swelling and weight gain. If this happens in the absence of periods or meals that are more loaded than usual, it may be important to get checked by your doctor. In fact, behind a weight gain, other problems such as thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome , acromegaly, etc … can hide.

It is good to remember that among the causes that should never be underestimated there are also food intolerances and allergies. From celiac disease to lactose intolerance, often the first signs are in fact those linked to weight gain.

Another cause that is often underestimated is that of nickel allergy . The latter, in fact, is found in various foods in common use. And sometimes, consuming them you can get to gain two or three kilos in a single night.
Once the most serious causes have been excluded, it is therefore essential to undergo all the appropriate allergy tests in order to find the most suitable solution for your person.

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