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Wrapped in the kimono, the outerwear to pamper us in the cool summer evenings

Summer jumsuit

With an oriental, romantic and sensual charm, the kimono is the versatile passepartout of the summer wardrobe

Wearing it makes us feel elegant and seductive , because that light and delicate fabric, a precious color or a reassuring pattern is enough to make us fall in love with it. We are talking about the kimono, summer outerwear that this year is rediscovered within the 2022 summer collections as a perfect must-have to wear in the city and to pack for our holiday destinations. Its simplicity, already contained in the etymology of the term – kimono in fact means what to wear – makes it particularly versatile, both in the model of the most sought-after patterns and in solid colors.

Kimono: Zara, Shein, Yamamay, the ready-to-wear models for summer 2022

Born as a traditional oriental dress with a particularly fine manufacture, the kimono has long since entered the ready-to-wear collection both in the dress version and as an outerwear to accompany an evening dress and to be worn simply on a casual look of any season . That's why we find it in various summer collections, revisited with bright patterns and very light fabrics.

Zara for summer 2022 proposes a long model , in shiny fabric and neon pastel which can be combined with trousers of the same pattern: an evening look with a summer and glam flavor . But there is no shortage of models with floral, oriental and geometric patterns, perfect to be worn every day or as an alternative to the sea caftan.

And for those who want to give their look a pure oriental touch, there are many patterns of the kimonos proposed by Shein that are very reminiscent of oriental models with designs on a dark or light background – peach blossoms and birds are generally the most recurring motifs – at a low cost price. And for those looking for a touch of sensuality, Yamamay offers different floral kimonos that with a little cunning we can alternate from the lingerie closet to the everyday one.

How to wear the kimono in summer: the inspo looks to copy

A comfortable, trendy and particularly popular look for the summer is to combine a pair of denim shorts with a kimono: long or short it doesn't matter, the shoes will make the difference, strictly with heels or jeweled sandals for an evening out. Instead, opt for a pair of sneakers in suede or leather for a if you want a practical look for your free time.

The kimono also goes very well with cargo, flare and pantapalazzo trousers: a very practical look perfect to wear even in the office is to focus on a pair of wedges, a tank top and trousers, a fresh but tidy and sober look at the same time, which you can make it sexier by varying it with a cropped top or corset. An exotic look with a Y2K style to which you can add, if you want to be the latest, a pair of Birkenstocks.

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