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Each look has its own make-up: here’s how to best match them

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Flashy, soft or nude make-up? The choice of look makes the difference, the important thing is to find the right balance between the two.

A small detail that can make the difference! Matching the right make-up to your outfit is not easy, and many times you have wondered how to do it in the best way. A good knowledge ofarmocromia can certainly help, in addition to always choosing concealers, foundations and bronzers that adapt to our complexion, but with eyeliner, eye shadows and lipsticks how should we behave?

The secret is to always find the right balance, taking into account the look we will choose to wear, which in turn is also linked to the location, context or occasion. We will certainly opt for a different amount of makeup depending on whether an event, a day at the office or a day of leisure awaits us. So here are some tips to keep in mind to create a perfect match.

Eye make-up: simple for a casual look, sophisticated for a glamorous look

The eyes have always been a key point of our make-up: for those who in fact do not particularly like lipsticks and focus on simple lip glosses, the choice of a good eyeshadow and an eyeliner is a never without. But let's choose them also based on our look, for example if our look is casual, to wear or to go to the office or for a walk with a friend, we choose neutral color eyeshadows, on pink or beige.

We avoid the pencil, at most hinted at in the inside of the black or brown eye. For this type of look, in fact, we tend to focus our attention above all on the skin, so to complete our make-up, just a thread of mascara and a highlighter. A simple but well-finished make-up, a nude make-up that is also easy to do in a short time.

Otherwise, if the glamorous occasion is behind the door, we enhance our eyes with colors that recall our outfit and our eye color. If it is a disco party we can also dare with shimmering eyeshadows or very colored mattes, even the mascara could be colored, or even focus on smokey eyes to be emphasized with eyeliner.

Lipstick or lip tint: which one to choose according to your outfit

Lip tints, lip glosses and lipsticks, and even nude or colored cocoa butter: today we are spoiled for choice on how to enhance our lips. Returning to the looks we focused on before, we could choose once again the type of lipstick to wear depending on the outfit: for example, on a nude make-up we can opt for a red lipstick if we choose this make-up for an aperitif or a party with friends. But if ours will be a relaxing day or even in the office, let's choose a light lip tint , perhaps in beige or pink so as to recall the eyeshadow.

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Bright lipsticks, maybe even metallic or with particular colors should not be missing in our palette, but they are to be worn on more sophisticated and daring looks, always remembering to balance: if you want to enhance the lips more, do not choose a flashy make-up for the eyes, so you can focus more attention on the lipstick, which will become the protagonist of your make-up.

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