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Erethism: meaning and what exactly it is


Erethism is a term used in medicine to refer to a series of excessive reactions to minor stimuli. Let's find out what it is.

When we talk about erethism we mean a condition of irritability linked to mild stimuli. This can affect both the organism as a whole (including its organs) and a person's ways of being. For this reason there is also a specific branch known as psychic erethism.
The latter is also often indicated to indicate an excessive neurosis or irritability given by different causes such as, for example, a nervous breakdown.

Psychic herethism: meaning

Going to the meaning of the term, the word psychic erethism indicates a condition of agitation at the psychomotor level.


Those who suffer from it, therefore, do not have a purely physical alteration but an internal one. This state often results in hyperactivity in children while in adults it takes the form of constant irritability and restlessness. Whether it concerns individual organs (such as the heart) or the mind, the term erethism always indicates an overreaction to something normally mild.

Here, then, that one can speak of erethism when at a minimum effort one finds oneself in front of a strong excitation of the cardiac apparatus or when, at the minimum effort, one becomes irascible.
It is a condition that is always good to know in order to be able to treat it in the most appropriate way.

How to cure nervous erethism and more

If as far as the heart is concerned, in addition to careful observation you can make use of relaxing herbs or that help to calm the heart organ, erethism still remains a problem that every doctor chooses to deal with in a different way and according to their skills.

From a psychic point of view, a good solution may be to first investigate the presence of a nervous breakdown. Acting on the latter, in fact, it will be possible to make the body, as well as the brain more relaxed and ready for normal reactions than those that occur when the energies are not well distributed.

A possible anxious basis must always be taken into consideration. This, in fact, can give rise to forms of erethism ranging from physical to psychological ones. For this reason, being followed globally is always the best solution, as well as the one able to find the right method of intervention.

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