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Eye tic: why it comes and how it is treated

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Eye tic is a rather annoying problem. Let's find out what it depends on and how to act when it occurs.

Eye tic, also called blepharospasm, is a problem related to movement disorders.
It can therefore be said that this uncontrolled movement is part of the so-called facial tics.
It occurs, in fact, when the eyes begin to move regardless of the command received, thus resulting uncontrollable. In most cases, the nervous tic in the eyes is caused by stress, worries and, more generally, by situations of great discomfort.

Causes of eye tic

As already mentioned, the most common causes of left or right eye tics are fatigue, strong emotions or stress. Hence the term of nervous tics .

girl eye
girl eye

Added to these are excessive consumption of caffeine, too much work , insomnia, dry eyes and allergies. It is therefore a symptomatology that can last for a short time and regress once the cause has been ascertained and treated. Sometimes, however, the eyelid tic can last for a long time. In this case, a visit to the doctor is necessary in order to understand what problems lie behind them and how to solve them.

This must be done even more precisely when tic affects children who may have this symptom due to undetected eye problems.

What are the most useful remedies

If in some cases it is enough to take care of the eyes to find a clear improvement, it is often essential to trace the cause that led to the tic in order to find a cure.

In case of nervous tic, however, the remedy is obviously linked to an awareness of the problem. This can mean a lifestyle change, a habit of taking a few extra breaks from work, the need to sleep better and longer, and the ability to learn to let go in order to avoid unnecessary stress.

To all this you can add eye drops or refreshing masks able to relax the facial muscles. In the case of more serious problems, the doctor will obviously establish the right treatment which can range from neuroleptic or other drugs to be followed, in some cases, by psychological therapy aimed at helping to better manage stress.

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