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Homemade raw ham: how much mastery in this recipe

raw ham

Let's find out how to make homemade raw ham like real butchers and thus have a top quality product available.

Raw ham is perhaps one of the most popular cold cuts in the world but there are very few who have decided to tackle all the stages of its preparation at home. Yet until a few years ago it was not something so obsolete. So, if you are one of the few who have wondered how to make raw ham, get ready, because once you discover how simple the process is you will not be able to resist the temptation.

In fact, the preparation of raw ham is not complex but requires space and time . Space for draining and seasoning and time always for the latter. In fact, it is this step that gives the product its flavor and its characteristic consistency. The part of the pig necessary for the preparation of raw ham is the thigh but be prepared: it must be pretty big!

raw ham
raw ham

How to prepare the raw ham recipe

  1. First, get a 12-13 kg pork leg and hang it upside down in the refrigerator so that all the blood contained in the vena cava drains out. If you don't have an empty fridge, you can ask the butcher to leave the thigh in its cell and go and retrieve it later.
  2. Now, with a sharp knife, finish the thigh by removing some of the fat and giving it the characteristic shape. Attention to two aspects: do not damage the bone and do not remove for any reason the ball-shaped bone near the femur.
  3. Get plenty of fine sea salt and salt the ham in every point, massaging it well so that it absorbs it.
  4. From the lean part also cover with plenty of ground black pepper. Then let it rest on a slightly inclined surface with the lean part facing upwards. After a week in this position, repeat the salting and peppering operations.
  5. Let a total of 20 days pass, then wash it with warm water and dry it.
  6. Cover the part near the bone with lard.
  7. Put it to mature in a ventilated place with a constant temperature of 9 ° C for 2 months after which your ham is ready to be eaten.

As you have seen, it takes patience to prepare it but the result will be nothing short of amazing. Try it in our recipes with raw ham !


The raw ham can be kept for a very long time in the same conditions as the seasoning.

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