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Creamy cream of fennel and leeks with a curry scent

Cream of fennel and curry leeks: for a quick and tasty dinner, perfect for lovers of vegetables and hot soups....

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Delicious and autumnal: here is the mushroom sauce, perfect for your first courses

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The recipe for fortune cookies: they are not Chinese!

Crunchy and with a hidden message inside, fortune cookies aren’t actually Chinese. Let’s find out its history and recipe together....

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Carrot patties and pea cream

Carrot and pea cream patties can be a simple vegetarian appetizer or a side dish for main courses. Carrot and...

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Vegan red cabbage cream pasta

Pasta with red cabbage cream is a simple and colorful vegan dish, perfect for a dinner with friends in the...

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How do they celebrate Christmas in Germany? With delicious spiced biscuits!

Spiced and covered in a mouthwatering chocolate glaze, German Christmas cookies also known as lebkuchen are perfect as a gourmet...

Food1 day ago

Foods rich in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system

From fruit to vegetables, we see all foods with vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and counteract fatigue! Vitamin...

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Stuffed dumplings? Preparing them is child’s play!

With their stringy filling, the stuffed dumplings are perfect for a family dinner. Here’s how to prepare them with cheese...