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Grated apple pie with a moist and very soft dough!

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Vomiting of the newborn: how to behave and what it can indicate

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Homemade tofu: here is the soy cheese recipe

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Tempeh stew: a vegan main course with a surprising flavor!

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Crispy avocado finger food for an alternative aperitif!

Crispy avocado finger foods are perfect for an aperitif with friends, try them and you'll love them. The recipe is...

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Savory pancakes: the basic recipe and 5 variations

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Crustaceans in pregnancy: can they be eaten or do they involve risks?

Can shellfish be eaten during pregnancy or is it better to avoid? As long as they are cooked, there is...

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Mozzeralla in carrozza in an air fryer is even lighter and crunchier

We prepare the mozzarella in carrozza in an air fryer, for a second fried but light dish with a stringy...