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Stomach heaviness: how to fight a rather disabling problem

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Stomach heaviness can be a disabling problem, especially when the disorder is chronic: let's see causes and remedies.

What to do against stomach heaviness? First of all, it is good to understand the reason that led to developing this problem. If it is a simple indigestion, in fact, the disorder will pass within a few hours. Otherwise, instead, it will take a rather strong treatment. Let's see causes, symptoms and natural remedies.

Heaviness in the stomach: causes and symptoms

Stomach heaviness is a problem that can have several underlying factors: from food allergies to gastric reflux, through pancreatitis and stomach cancer. It should be noted that when the weight in the pit of the stomach occurs after a particularly large meal, it is absolutely normal. It is not, however, when a person has daily troubles. The first thing to do is to talk to your doctor, who will prescribe a series of tests to find out the triggering cause.

Generally, the symptoms of abdominal heaviness are all too clear: swelling and weighting of the upper abdomen. To these annoyances you can add others, such as heartburn, halitosis, nausea, belching, stomach pain and acid regurgitation. The first ailments begin as soon as you finish a meal and can go on up to 2/3 hours later, depending on the food ingested. Regardless of the factor that led to the development of the problem, it is always recommended to eat slowly, so as not to promote disorders related to poor digestion. In addition, it is good to have a healthy diet and avoid fatty or overly seasoned foods and alcohol.

Heaviness in the stomach: effective remedies

The discomfort associated with a full stomach, whether caused by overeating or in other cases, can be alleviated by some natural remedies . Green light for herbal teas based on ginger, fennel, artichoke, chamomile, licorice and bay leaf. These medicinal plants, in fact, accelerate the digestive process and reduce abdominal swelling. Alternatively, prepare the old and dear canary, a panacea for problems of this type. All you have to do is boil water, a couple of lemon slices and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Filter and drink while it is still hot.

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