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The new Louis Vuitton welcomes Gen Z: autumn / winter 2022-2023 is a wardrobe with an imaginative and original dress code


Comfy, fantasy and freedom of movement: the adolescence of Gen Z is the common thread of the Louis Vuitton fall / winter 2022-2023 collection.

If Miu Miu has interpreted the hidden desires and fears of adolescence by focusing on a collection with a collegial appeal, Louis Vuitton rather summarizes and reinterprets the Gen Z dress code , to which it approaches as never before.

This is how a metropolitan girl is outlined, curious, citizen of the world, determined to fully express her personality in soft, wide and comfy lines , now elected as the new reading code of glam and elegance. In this Paris Fashion Week 2022, an imaginative, daring, libertine and young soul found space, a sign of a newfound desire for lightness and disengagement.

Louis Vuitton, the fall / winter 2022-2023 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2022

Like a teen spirit , Nirvana’s manifesto song could be the perfect soundtrack to narrate in sounds the Louis Vuitton fashion show that the creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has created inspired by youth and the desire to stand out, to tell one’s uniqueness through the search for a personal style.

Oversized garments are the leitmotif of this ultra-feminine collection that prefers custom made pret a porter , diktat for next winter : fantasy, practicality and the desire to wear something beautiful and comfortable is the privileged trend of Gen Z that enter his and hers wardrobes. Vuitton puts aside the sophisticated and welcomes a new concept style: “It is a collection without constraints, which focuses on freedom of movement, ease and total comfort” , explained the creative director of the maison. Rock, pop, glam, Louis Vuitton tries to play a new music to get closer to the new generations.

Mix and match, voluminous outfits and possible combinations (Im): the trends from the catwalk

The vibes of Nicola Ghesquiére’s fall / winter 2022-2023 collection come from the 90s and 2000s , as shown in the first look where the tie is dusted off, ultra floral and colorful to wear on a shirt, with a striped pant and a aviator style jacket in city dress code. Also pay attention to the details, such as the designer scarf to wear around the collar: in pure adolescent style, the accessories are always in excess and never in defect.

But this is just a taste, because the most daring look, which challenges the impossible and redefines the style of Vuitton is the maxi striped dress to be worn with a pleated decorated dress underneath, a juxtaposition on the boundaries between urban style and sportswear.

A look to be completed with a pair of sneakers, for a mix and match that challenges the more sober and tidy in elaborating their own style. Naturally, the entire wardrobe is to be volumized and preferred in oversized cuts , from leatherette jackets to blazers, from dresses to cardigans, passing through coats that become bomber capes.

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