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Equivalent drugs to Gentalyn beta: here are what they are


The drugs equivalent to Gentalyn beta represent an equally effective but inexpensive remedy. Let’s find out which are the best known ones.

Looking for drugs equivalent to Gentalyn beta means hoping for an alternative which, while performing the same function as the famous ointment, allows you to save on the purchase price. To do this, it is therefore important to choose remedies based on the same active ingredients that are Gentamicin and Betamethasone.

What is the equivalent of Gentalyn beta for

As with the original ointment, the equivalent is also useful for treating inflammatory lesions caused by allergies or, in some cases, by bacterial infections.


More generally, it is a remedy usually prescribed to combat eczema, contact dermatitis,psoriasis , neurodermatitis, sunburn, and radiation dermatitis .
It is in fact an antibiotic substance that once applied helps to reduce symptoms while treating the causes that caused them.

Before applying any generic or the same Gentalyn beta on open wounds or any other form of lesion, it is always very important to ask your doctor or, alternatively, the pharmacist for an opinion .

It is in fact a remedy that is not without contraindications and which for this reason may not always be indicated as a cure. Obviously, if you are allergic to the active ingredient, the same will also apply to its equivalents.

Equivalent of gentalyn beta: price

Going to the prices, an equivalent drug can cost around 10 euros against 15 for Gentalyn. Variable that changes according to the generic chosen but which in any case leads to savings that are certainly not indifferent and which must always be considered behind the doctor’s opinion.
When the products currently on the market, the best known are:

– Gentamicin and Betamethasone Mylan Generics
– Genbrix cream
– Gentamicinamylan generics
– Betacream cream
– Gentamicin and Betamethasone Teva
– Eutopic cream
– Citrizan antibiotic
– Kamelyn cream

In any case, even using the equivalent Gentalyn beta, having it without a prescription is not possible. It is, in fact, a drug that can only be purchased on prescription .
Once in the pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist for advice regarding the choice of any generics that, having always different excipients, could be more or less indicated based on the pathologies present.

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