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What is special about Bruno Barbieri’s carbonara?

Bruno Barbieri's recipe for carbonara causes discussion, perhaps more for the name than for the taste. Try this particular take...

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Antibiotic resistance: how to spot it and what to do

Resistance to antibiotics: causes, consequences and possible remedies to be able to try to solve the problem. Are you concerned...

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Let’s find out how to prepare excellent cannelloni stuffed with meat

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Reinforcement salad: a traditional Neapolitan Christmas dish

The reinforcement salad is a side dish based on papacelle, cauliflower, olives and spring onions: one of the most popular...

Recipes20 hours ago

Don’t throw away the vegetable peels: turn them into crunchy chips!

Making baked vegetable peel chips is a great way to reduce waste in the kitchen. Here's which vegetables to use...

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What is emotional intelligence and how it develops: the scheme of Daniel Goleman

What is Emotional Intelligence? Let's see the definition and the scheme of the psychologist Daniel Goleman to better develop it....

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A lesson from Alessandro Michele: the style details that we can (and must) steal from the designer

He recently turned 50 and we can't believe it, as well as his departure from Gucci. And Alessandro Michele's style...

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Soft cake with orange marmalade: good to go crazy

Today we reveal how to prepare a cake with soft orange marmalade, very different from traditional recipes. Breakfast, snack, midnight...