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What is holistic massage: all about this practice for body and mind

Holistic massage has numerous benefits, both for the body and for the mind. Let’s see together what they are, and...

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Bublanina is a truly amazing Czechoslovakian dessert with cherries

Bublanina is a simple cherry pie typical of the Czech Republic prepared with a dough similar to sponge cake. Literally...

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Hard-boiled eggs covered with meat and fried: scotch eggs are good!

Scotch eggs are a typical product of English cuisine, perfect if you are looking for delicious appetizers to bring to...

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Potato gateau: an incredible traditional recipe!

The recipe for potato gateau (or potato gattò) is incredibly simple. Get potatoes, eggs, cheeses, cold cuts and let’s do...

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Do you know the kurtoskalacs, the typical dessert of Budapest?

Kurtos kalacs are also called sweet fireplaces due to their particular shape. Let’s find out all about this Hungarian dessert....

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The thousand faces of tomato juice

If you are looking for quick and easy breakfast recipes, tomato juice is for you. Here’s how to prepare it...

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Caramelized fennel has an unbeatable crunchy crust!

Caramelized fennel are a sweet and tasty side dish, able to accompany even important and demanding main courses. Caramelized fennel...

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Is the use of the microwave bad? Everything you need to know

Many argue that the microwave is bad. Find out how much there is to know about it, whether it is...